Thursday Tech Roundup: Fitness Apps

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When it introduced Nike+ in 2006, Nike ruled the fitness app marketplace. The system paired a shoe sensor with an iPod so users could keep track of elapsed time, distance, pace and calories burned. But the marketplace has grown, and now adidas and Google have released impressive apps using GPS technology, prompting Nike to switch over as well.

Check out how these three GPS apps can benefit your training.

Nike+ GPS
Price: $1.99
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch
Overview: Nike+ GPS now relies on GPS technology, eliminating the need for a shoe sensor. It records your speed, distance traveled and route, so you can review your performance after completing your workout. The app provides voice feedback on your progress and gives motivational cues from Nike's professional athletes. Also, you can upload your workout directly from your device to the Nike+ online community for comparisons with other athletes.

Price: Free
Compatibility: iPhone, BlackBerry
Overview: adidas touts miCoach's ability to turn your phone into a personal trainer. It tracks your distance and pace via GPS and can approximate the amount of calories burned during a training session. It also has planned workouts designed to build endurance and speed for your sport. Once you've finished a workout, upload it to for analysis. Other features include real-time coaching feedback and wear-and-tear tracking of your shoes, which alerts you when it's time to consider replacing them.

Google My Tracks
Price: Free
Compatibility: Android
Overview: Track your time, speed, distance and elevation while running, biking or hiking with Google's fitness app. One of its unique tools is called waypoints, which lets you segment a course to easily track split times. In addition, you can upload your results to a Google online spreadsheet to track your progress and post your route on Google Maps to share it with your friends via Twitter.

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