Thursday Tech Roundup: Navigation Apps

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When traveling to a game or to a meeting with a potential college coach, the last thing you want to do is be late. You could let your team down or make a bad impression on a future coach.

To avoid a wrong turn and make sure you arrive in time, use a convenient navigation app to get to your destination.

VZ Navigator, AT&T Navigator, Sprint Navigation
Price: $9.99 per month
Features: Cell phone companies offer their proprietary Internet navigation apps for a monthly fee. These apps can be used on various phones, activated only when needed—avoiding the cost of other navigation apps. The downside is that they rely on an Internet connection to function. Make sure to have backup directions in areas with poor cell service.

Google Maps Navigation (Android)
Price: Free
Features: This navigation app for Android is backed up by the power of Google. Search for points of interest, such as a school or address, by using Google search. Use voice commands to control the app, and even browse a street view to preview your route or destination.

Navigon (iPhone)
Price: $59.99
Features: Calculates multiple options to give you different routes. It also syncs to your contact list, so you can easily pull up stored addresses; and it provides an exit and signage preview to ensure that you don't miss your turn off the highway. Instead of the full program, you can purchase a U.S. regional (East, Midwest, West) app for $29.99, adding other regions if needed for $14.99 each.

TomTom (iPhone)
Price: $39.99
Features: Includes route planning that calculates cost and eco-friendliness. You can plan and share a route with a friends and family via email. You can also purchase the TomTom dock kit for more accurate GPS performance and a louder speaker for directions and conversations.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock