Show Winter Who's Boss With These Timberland Boots

Snow and ice never saw these 'kickers coming.

Let's be real: Cold weather sucks. Snow sucks. Those snow-ice-water slurries you see at every curb during the winter? Those really suck—especially when you step in one while wearing some wimpy canvas sneaker.

Thankfully, this year, you won't have that problem. Why? Because you'll be wearing Timberlands.

Why should you ask Santa for a set of Tims? The better question is: Why haven't you done it already?

Timberland Boots

Timberland's Premium 6-Inch Boot (left) and Teddy Fleece Fold-Down.

Why have you let yourself trudge through snowdrifts in something less than Timberland's 6-Inch Premium Boots and their 400 grams of PrimaLoft ECO Insulation?

Or ladies, why did you settle for anything less than the toasty-toes comfort of Timberland's Teddy Fleece Fold Down Boots? Seriously! Check out these things. It's like you're wearing your favorite blanket around your ankles.

Timberland Boot - Women

Why did you put yourself at risk by walking across icy sidewalks, when you could have confidently clawed your way over any terrain with Timberland's deep and durable rubber lug outsole?

Timberland Boot - Men - Sole

Why did you let yourself be seen in public wearing goofy-looking duck boots when you could have been rocking these waterproof, seam-sealed, premium leather uppers? Why not enjoy all of that protection and look good doing it:

Timberland Boots


"But wait!" You say. "Won't my feet get tired carrying those around all day?"

Fear not. Your feet won't tire out, thanks to Timberland's exclusive Anti-Fatigue Technology, which is built directly into the midsole (the part underneath your foot) of the Premium Boots. A special geometric cone support system offers uber-soft shock absorption while also sending powerful energy return back into your steps. You'll have more spring in your stride all day, even if it lasts long past the time when the streetlights turn on.

Timberland Boot - Men

"But what about that fleece?" The ladies worry. "Won't it get dirty?"

Indeed it won't, because you can wear the Teddy Fleece Boots up or down. Rock them fleece out when you want to show off how comfortable (and fashionable) you are. If the conditions get too treacherous, lace up. The lining inside will stay as white as the snow you're stomping over.

Timberland Boot - Women - Up-and-Down

Best of all, Timberlands are built to last. Presuming you don't have a sudden growth spurt that turns you into Joel Embiid, you'll be able to wear these boots for years to come. When you put Tims on your list, your parents will actually applaud you. Why? Because you're thinking about the future.

Conquer the rain, snow and ice with the Timberland 6-Inch Premium Boot (for him) or the Timberland Teddy Fleece Fold Down Boot (for her). Both are available now at

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock