Tired of Worrying About Keeping Your Stuff Secure While You Workout? Check Out WOLACO's Line of Pocketed Compression Gear

STACK reviews the WOLACO line of compression apparel products.

The North Moore shorts

I wore the North Moore shorts to a recent workout and found them to be quite comfortable. The material felt a bit thicker than the compression shorts I typically wear, but that wasn't a bad thing. Getting my phone into the side pocket was fairly easy (though I recommend doing it before you put on your outer layer shorts), and my headphones reached my ears with room to spare. While running on the treadmill, I felt my phone was secure. I could certainly tell that I had it on me—it was snugly pressed against the outside of my upper thigh—but it didn't negatively affect my running mechanics, and there was no chafing. When I moved onto the free weight portion of my workout, I was able to perform Lunges and Weighted Jumps without having to worry about my phone flopping around. When I removed the phone from my pocket at the end of my workout, it was totally dry despite my moderate sweating.

A different color scheme of the North Moore shorts


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock