Tobin Heath's Closed-Space Dribbling Drill

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On a soccer field, the soundness of your technique is measured by your ability to keep the ball as close to your feet as possible. U.S. soccer star Tobin Heath uses this Closed-Space Dribbling Drill to help her use every surface of her feet to control the ball. Perform it and you'll be able to move in any direction more quickly, maintaining control of the ball the entire time.

Tobin Heath's Closed-Space Dribbling Drill

  •   Place three cones on the ground in a triangle or line, spaced two feet apart
  •   Dribble the ball between the cones, using all surfaces of your feet
  •   Perform quick touches to navigate ball around the cones in a controlled pattern

Sets/Duration: Perform daily for 10-15 minutes
Coaching Points: Keep the ball close to your feet at all times//Add variety by changing the cone height

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock