Todd Gurley Played Basketball at a 24-Hour Fitness and Absolutely Demolished Some Poor Sap's Ankles

Todd Gurley's crossover ain't nothing to play with.

We're used to seeing Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley embarrass defenders on the football field. As it turns out, he can do the same thing on the basketball court.

Gurley recently played some late night pick-up basketball at a 24-Hour Fitness in Simi Valley, California. As you might expect, the competition wasn't exactly top notch:

I'm actually surprised that guy was able to stand after having his ankles so thoroughly demolished. Of course he tried to blame it on a wet spot on the floor, but no one's buying that. He tried to guard an All-Pro NFL running back, and he put you on roller skates. Did you expect anything less?

Oh, and that's apparently Rams defensive back Trumaine Johnson running down the court with his shorts down after Gurley's killer crossover. Everyone expresses themselves differently, I suppose.

Last offseason, Gurley told STACK  he had been working out with his teammates and strength coach at a 24-hour Fitness. Apparently the dude just loves those late night workouts.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock