Tom Brady Performed a Secret Workout at a High School to Get Ready for His Return

Tom Brady will get his season started in Week 5 against the struggling Cleveland Browns.

Due to his "deflategate" suspension, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady missed the first four weeks of the 2016 NFL season. Though the Patriots (3-1) haven't struggled too much without him, the team and fans are excited to have him back for what will most likely be a dominant Week 5 against the 0-4 Cleveland Browns.

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Brady recently performed a secret workout at a high school football field in Brookline, Massachusetts. After a four-week vacation, including a trip to Italy with his wife, the four-time Super Bowl champion thought it was time he threw on the pads and toss the pigskin around.

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In the videos and pictures below, captured by Susie Whelan Horan and TMZ, Brady works on his deep ball and his footwork. He wears a resistance band around his waist to engage his quads, glutes and hips as he works on getting into his five-step drop back faster.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock