Tom Brady Says If He Participated Today, He Would 'Crush' His 2000 NFL Combine Results

To be fair, he didn't set the bar all that high to begin with.

In the years since Tom Brady participated in the 2000 NFL Combine, his paltry performance there has become one of strongest threads in the fabric of his mythology. There's an infamous photograph of Brady, shirtless and unremarkable, as he prepared to have his measurements taken. There's his snail-like 5.23 40-Yard Dash time. There's his vertical jump of 24 1/2 inches, akin to a mildly overweight man leaping for a box of cereal on top of his kitchen cabinet. Adding to those numbers his fall to the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft makes for one of the most intriguing quarterback stories ever—especially considering the heights to which Brady has ascended since then.

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On Sunday, Brady will play in his seventh Super Bowl, as his New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons. A win will give him a ridiculous five championship rings. As reporters tend to do during the week-long media sessions preceding the game, one wonders whether Brady thinks the current, 39-year-old version of himself could beat the Combine results posted by his 22-year-old self.

It's hard to argue with Brady, though as he says, he didn't really set the bar all that high back in 2000. Brady has kept himself in immaculate shape throughout his career, part of the reason why he's still playing at such an absurdly high level despite rapidly approaching his 40s. His physique is certainly more chiseled than it was at the Combine, when he looked like an average dude, and we have no doubt that all the training he's put himself through 17 years in the NFL would help him shave those numbers down.

He's still slow as molasses, though. That's never going to change.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock