Top 5 MTV Shows for Athletes

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So far this year, MTV has introduced shows featuring a man looking for his pants, people getting hurt doing stupid things and monsters in California. These days, it seems MTV has as little to offer athletes as it does to music fans. But here at STACK, we've dug deep into MTV's library to find five great shows for athletes. Although most of them are currently off the air, you can still find old episodes and highlights through the magic of the internet.

The Alli Show
If you're into action sports, you'll love The Alli Show. BMX, motocross, freeski, snowboard, wakeskate—The Alli Show featured all types of extreme sports. Find old episodes online to learn how much work goes into an extreme sports competition.

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
If you've never seen Mexican wrestling, you've missed masks, male wrestlers in drag and "Mini Estrellas," who pay acrobatic homage to Mexico's most famous wrestlers. In 2010, MTV finally brought this wonderful sport to the U.S. through Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors. Check out new episodes online for wrestlers who stay true to their characters both in and out of the ring.

MTV's Parkour Challenge
Anyone who has seen parkour has to admire the strength, stamina and spatial awareness the athletes possess as they run, slide and jump across obstacles. In MTV's Parkour Challenge, athletes competed on courses ranging from Venice Beach to the mall. The Parkour Challenge website features old episodes, as well as instructional videos for those interested giving parkour a shot.

Converse Band of Ballers
Who wouldn't want to see rap and hip hop stars go head-to-head in a three-on-three basketball tournament? That's exactly what MTV2 and Converse collaborated to produce with Band of Ballers. Wiz Khalifa and Young Money Cash Money Billionaires are among the stars who have competed. If you missed this year's tournament, check it out online

MTV Sports
This early '90s series is the godfather of reality sports programming. Hosted by Dan Cortese, MTV Sports showcased unusual sports in countries around the world. The show apparently had a penchant for Frisbee sports, as seen here and here.) Sadly, MTV Sports ended in 1997, but not before picking up a Sports Emmy.

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