Top Vitamin Supplements

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No matter how well you eat, you can still come up short on what your body needs. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can lead to weak muscles and frail bones. Avoid these pitfalls with a well-balanced diet and a daily multivitamin. Check out these top brands.

$10.99 for a 130-tablet bottle
The lowdown:
One tablet provides 17 vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and E and zinc, which helps your body metabolize protein, carbs and fat. It's also rich in the health-protecting antioxidant lycopene (300mcg), found in foods like tomatoes and grapefruit.

$31.95 for a one-month supply
The lowdown: Your body absorbs the nutrients of this liquid formula quicker than its tablet counterpart. A one-ounce serving has 71 vitamins and minerals, including 100mg of potassium, which helps muscles contract and prevents cramping.

One-A-Day Men's Health Formula
$9.49 for a 100-tablet bottle
The lowdown: With 100 percent or more of your daily value of 12 vitamins and minerals, this formula is rich in the health-protecting antioxidant lycopene, with 600mcg per tablet. It also has vitamin K, which helps your blood clot and keeps your bones healthy.

GNC Men's Mega Men® Multivitamin
$16.99 for a 90-caplet bottle
The lowdown: Free of wheat, dairy and yeast, this formula contains fish and soybeans. Providing at least 100 percent of 19 vitamins and minerals, each serving is loaded in riboflavin and thiamin, two B vitamins your muscles need.

Vitamin Shoppe One Daily with Lutein & Lycopene™
$13.57 for a 100-tablet bottle
The lowdown: A good source of vitamins A, C and E, one tablet also provides 500mcg of lutein and 300mcg of lycopene.

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