Perform These Exercises for NCAA Sand Volleyball Success

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Misty May-Treanor With Gold
Interested in playing the emerging NCAA sport of sand volleyball? STACK has worked with some of the sport's top trainers and athletes to develop workouts perfect for sand volleyball players. Start your training with a few of our favorites.

Hill Sprints
Two-time Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor trains for grueling tournaments with leg exercises like Squats, Cleans and Box Jumps. But when she really wants to challenge herself, she does Hill Sprints. Train like an Olympian by performing four to eight Hill Sprints at the end of your workout.

  • Sprint 15 to 20 yards up hill
  • Walk back down as rest

Push yourself even more by racing against a teammate.

Sand-Pit Diagonal Jop
University of Georgia assistant strength and conditioning coach Michael Schweigert has his volleyball players perform a high-intensity Sand-Pit Diagonal Jop to help them improve leg strength, reaction time and balance.

  • Assume athletic stance on beach volleyball court
  • Leap forward and diagonally to left, landing on left foot
  • Hold position for one count; leap back to starting position
  • Leap backward and diagonally to right, landing on right foot
  • Hold position for one count; leap back to starting position
  • Repeat in opposite direction to complete one rep

Sets/Reps: 2x2 each direction

Drop and Drive Defensive Movement
With only two players on each side, sand volleyball requires quick reactions. In this STACK volleyball video, watch Premier Volleyball Academy national team coach and skills coordinator Wyman Khuu teach the Drop and Drive Defensive Movement. Khuu emphasizes the "double triangle" body position—legs spread apart to form a wide triangle and arms held together to form a narrow one. He says it's important to stay in this defensive position while moving backward for the "drop," then moving forward to hit the ball for the "drive."

  • Maintain low stance with back flat, arms extended and palms up
  • Drop outside foot back and shuffle toward sideline, keeping eyes on attacker
  • Drive forward to ball while sliding arms together to create platform position
  • Aim high and toward middle of court

For more workouts and drills from the pros, explore our volleyball playlist. Keep working on your skills. You just might have what it takes to play beach volleyball in the NCAA's inaugural season.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock