MMA Training For Non-Fighters

MMA fighters endure brutal training regimens to prepare for the Octagon. STACK Expert Jeff Fields prescribes two MMA-style workouts that will make you a better athlete no matter what sport you play.

Kettlebell Swings

A.J. Hawk Training Like an MMA Fighter

Mixed martial arts is a brutal sport. Look at a fighter after a match, and you will see what I'm talking about. It's a game of survival. The athlete who is both physically and technically superior wins.

MMA fighters must have strength to wrestle, power to kick and punch, speed to surprise their opponent, and endurance to last for an entire fight. However, these physical attributes don't magically appear overnight.

To prepare for a fight, mixed martial artists perform workouts that have taken on an almost legendary status. They are brutally challenging to the body and mind, simultaneously improving all aspects of athleticism. That's why they've become so popular with athletes outside of MMA.

If you incorporate it into your program, the MMA training approach will make you a better overall athlete. And it will teach you about training with intensity, passion and commitment, building the mental toughness you need to play at the next level.

Types of MMA Training

MMA Circuit Training

Circuit training works well for MMA because you are constantly in motion. It's not the single best way to build strength, power or endurance, but it will make you a better athlete.


  • Perform the exercises in circuit fashion
  • Do each exercise for 40 seconds
  • Rest for 20 seconds before starting the next exercise
  • Repeat the circuit three to four times

MMA Circuit Workout

MMA Work Capacity Training

Work capacity training will improve your conditioning, build muscular endurance and make you a tougher athlete. There's a built-in competitive component because you must complete the workout as quickly as possible.


  • Perform each exercise with as a little rest as possible
  • Select a moderate weight
  • Take rest when needed to maintain proper form
  • Track how long it takes to assess your progress

MMA Work Capacity Workout

Total reps: 450

You can accomplish great things when you progress gradually. If you apply the principles outlined here, you will reach new levels of fitness, guaranteed. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see you in the Octagon!

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