Testing Numbers Show Dak Prescott is Even Stronger, Faster and More Agile Than He Was as a Rookie

The Dallas QB is pushing hard to avoid a sophomore slump—and the results look encouraging for Cowboys fans.

After a rookie season so good it felt like a movie script, the only question about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott as he heads into year two is "What will he do for an encore?"

For as transcendent as Prescott was in 2016 (3,667 passing yards, 23 touchdowns, 67.8 completion percentage), opposing teams had little time and game tape on the former Mississippi State quarterback. But now that they have a full year of NFL film on the 23-year-old, Prescott will have to adjust to new looks from defenses in 2017—ones designed to contain his strengths and exploit his weaknesses.

To prepare for the challenge ahead, Prescott has been training hard this offseason—and the results look encouraging. The Cowboys measure the 20-Yard Dash, Bench Press, Cone Drills (like the 3-Cone Drill) and the Vertical Jump of every player during offseason training, and according to the Star-Telegram, Prescott has improved in every test.

"[Dak] has improved strength-wise, flexibility-wise, speed-wise, quickness-wise," said Cowboys quarterback coach Wade Wilson. "He is not resting on anything that went on last year."

Prescott has spent much of his offseason working on his game with renowned speed coach Tom Shaw, and his biggest focus has been improving his footwork. You can see him practicing his three-step drops in the video above. Prescott also gives props to Cowboys strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik for helping him work on his body.

"My numbers went up," Prescott said. "It's just working hard continuously. That is how I have gotten to where I am in life. I'm not going to forget that and keep working hard. I don't look at what's behind me. I look at where I can go and what I can do. The only way I know to do that is through hard work. That is something I continue to try to do."

If Prescott's game on the field follows the lead of his training, the Cowboys should be looking at another special season in 2017.