Fast Food Calorie Bomb Causes LSU Receiver to Gain 30 Pounds

And not in a good way.

Well, if you needed any more proof of just how badly fast food can mess up your game, check out the story of LSU's Travin Dural.

The wide receiver suffered a serious hamstring injury last November, underwent surgery, and then started rehab. Somewhere along the way, he got hungry for fried chicken. Popeye's fried chicken, to be exact.

Fried foods aren't a great option, since they can increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes. Dural told's Glenn Guilbeau that his Popeyes habit, combined with a decreased activity level as he worked through his injury, caused him to gain roughly 30 pounds during the off-season.

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"I went home one day, and my mom was like, 'Man, you look stuffed,'" Dural said. "So that's when I knew it was time for change. I was almost 230 pounds in the spring and I played at 203 last year."

Thankfully, after the receiver noticed the problem, he was able to correct it relatively quickly. Dural today is listed at 207 pounds on his player profile.

"I had to stay away from Popeyes," Dural said. He even tried going vegetarian, but the effort didn't last. "That failed miserably in like two days," he said.

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Dural said his slim-down solution was to eat more salads, drink more water and consume less food in general.

LSU Receiver Weight Gain

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