Try This Killer 10-Minute Basketball Conditioning Workout

Get ready for basketball season with this 10-minute killer conditioning workout.

Great basketball players are well-conditioned athletes. Learning how to prepare your body for the start of practice is a crucial part of having a successful season. A lot of basketball players come into camp without having done enough conditioning to prepare their muscles for the movements they will perform on the court. Muscle strains and pulls are among the most preventable injuries. They can be avoided by doing basketball conditioning drills that prepare your muscles before the start of training camp. There are countless ways to "get in shape" before the start of the season, but this 10-minute basketball conditioning drill is a great litmus test to assess your condition.

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Killer 10-Minute Conditioning Workout

1. Go to a gym and do a proper warm-up. A good warm-up should last about 15-20 minutes. You should break a light sweat and prepare your muscles for running.

2. Once you are done warming up, grab a stopwatch or have a teammate time you.

3. Set your goal time. For bigger players and those beginning their conditioning regimens, 35-40 seconds for each "rep" is a fair goal. If you really want to challenge yourself, set your goal time for 30 seconds.

4. One "rep" consists of running a standard suicide:

  • Run from the baseline to the near free-throw line and touch it with your foot
  • Turn and run back to the baseline
  • Run to mid-court and return to the baseline
  • Run to the far free-throw line and return to the baseline
  • Sprint to the opposite baseline
  • Complete four different segments of the sprint

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5. Your goal is to complete as many reps as possible without exceeding your goal time.

6. After you finish each rep, rest for the remainder of the minute. Start your next rep when the clock hits the minute mark. For example if you hit a goal time of 32 seconds, you will have 28 seconds to rest before your next rep.

7. When you are able to complete 10 suicides under 30 seconds in 10 minutes, you'll know that you are in great basketball condition.

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