Try This Strongman-Inspired Workout to Build Full-Body Strength

Grab your sled, tires, heavy dumbbells and sledgehammer, and get ready for a tough full-body workout.

Strongman training isn't just for the beasts you see on TV's World's Strongest Man or at the Arnold Classic. Strongman training can offer tremendous benefits for any athlete or fitness enthusiast. Try this strongman-inspired full-body workout to build conditioning and strength! Make sure to check out the video for a visual of each exercise.

Before we get into the work, let's make sure we get a good warm-up in. Follow along with this video for a full dynamic warm-up and prepare your body to work. Once you complete it, its time to get to the fun stuff!

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Circuit 1

Tire Flip

Perform the following exercises for 15 minutes, as many rounds as possible.

Tire Flip x8

  • Set up a heavy tire and get ready to blast your whole body but especially your posterior chain (back, glutes, hamstrings).
  • Start with a wide stance, drop your hips down and get your hands under the edge of the tire.
  • Keeping your hips relatively low, start to stand up with the tire. Once the tire is high enough, drive one knee up underneath it.
  • With your knee under the tire, switch your hands from an underhand grip to overhand.
  • Drive the tire off your chest as hard as possible and repeat.

Farmer's Carry Down & Back (Pick a difficult distance based on space available)

  • Farmer's Carries are the simplest of exercises: pick up heavy objects and carry them.
  • You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, farmer's walk handles or even towels looped through plates.
  • Pick up the weights, pull your shoulders back, stand erect and walk down and back.

Heavy Sled DragDown & Back (Again, pick a difficult distance based on space available)

  • Set up a heavy sled with handles on the sled.
  • Grab the handles and turn and face the sled.
  • Drop your hips down slightly, take the slack out of the straps and pull the sled backwards.
  • Keep your chest up and tension on the straps the entire time.

Rest for a few minutes, grab a drink of water and get ready. You're halfway through.

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Circuit 2

Perform the following exercises for 15 minutes, as many rounds as possible

Zercher Carry Down & Back (Use same distance as Farmer's Carrie)

  • Zercher exercises are a great way to build total body strength, especially for wrestlers and grapplers.
  • Set up an axle bar, yoke or barbell (with a bar pad on it), in a rack at about ab level.
  • Place the bar in the crooks of your elbows and lock your hands together.
  • Take it out of the rack and carry the bar in your elbows, keeping your chest up the entire time.

Heavy Sled Push Down & Back (Use same distance as Heavy Sled Drag)

  • This time you're pushing the sled instead of pulling it—load it up.
  • Keep your back flat the entire time and drive your knees up hard.
  • Drive your feet through the floor and take explosive steps.

Sledgehammer Strikes x15 each side

  • Grab a sledgehammer and split your stance with your right foot back.
  • Slide your right hand up the hammer at the top and place your left hand at the bottom of the hammer.
  • Step forward with your right foot and drop your right hand down as you slam the hammer into the tire.
  • 15 strikes each side.

Give this workout a shot to crush your total body and build your conditioning base!

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