Try This Tough Full-Body Interval Routine When You're Short on Time

Think a 25-minute workout will be easy? Think again.

You're a busy athlete and sometimes you can't get in the gym for an hour-long workout. But that's OK! You can still get a great lift in only 25 minutes by working through a circuit of exercises.

Think a 25-minute workout will be easy? Think again. The workout below includes four straight minutes of work. The full-body exercises will leave you absolutely gassed after one circuit, and you only have one minute to rest before beginning the next circuit. Worst, you have to repeat this 5 times.

Let's break down the workout:

1. Deadlifts x 1 minute

Deadlifts work more muscles throughout the body than any other exercise (including Squats) and will challenge your endurance and toughness to perform for a minute straight.


2. Wall Ball x 1 minute

This exercise is a dynamic Squat to Press. Focus on height rather than weight in this circuit.

3. Renegade Rows x 1 minute

The Renegade Row is one of the best exercises out there. It challenges your core strength and builds a strong back at the same time.

4. Sit-Ups x 1 minute

I include these to add an extra heart pump and really torch you at the end of the circuit.

Now rest for one minute, and repeat the sequence 5 times.

If you find that one-minute rounds are too much (or too little), feel free to adjust timing as needed. Also, if proper form isn't cannot be done any of the exercises immediately modify the exercise.

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