31 Fitness Experts You Should Follow

STACK's Andy Haley lists the creds of 31 fitness experts you should follow on Twitter.

Many of the best strength coaches regularly share their techniques and offer tips via social media. Although you may not work directly with these coaches, you can get a glimpse of what they are doing to help their athletes get better. So whether you're an athlete, team coach or strength coach, it would be wise to follow these experts.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list. It includes many of our favorite experts, many of whom have unique offerings on social media. Our numbering of the experts in no way implies a ranking of them. They are all great.

1. Alan Stein


Bio: Owner of Stronger Team and strength coach for the DeMatha Catholic boy's basketball team.

Why You Should Follow: Alan regularly offers motivational quotes and advice to help high school athletes succeed in their training.

2. Tony Gentilcore


Bio: Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance

Why You Should Follow: Tony specializes in baseball training and plain-old getting strong.

3. Todd Durkin


Bio: Owner of Fitness Quest 10 and Lead Training Advisor for Under Armour

Why You Should Follow: Todd trains elite athletes like Drew Brees, has great workouts for general fitness and is incredibly motivational.

Check out Todd Durkin's World-Class Workouts series on STACK.com.

4. Gray Cook


Bio: Physical therapist and creator of the Functional Movement Screen

Why You Should Follow: Gray has transformed how we approach movement and training.

5. Mike Boyle


Bio: Co-Founder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

Why You Should Follow: Mike is one of the godfathers of the strength and conditioning industry. Anything he says can completely change the way we approach strength and conditioning.

6. Ben Bruno


Bio: Strength coach and owner of BenBruno.Com

Why You Should Follow: A disciple of Boyle, Bruno creates great content and regularly shares the best reads that he finds on the web.

7. Mike Reinold


Bio: Physical therapist and co-founder of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance

Why You Should Follow: Mike provides cutting-edge injury prevention and rehab exercises, methods and tips.

8. Rick Scarpulla


Bio: Owner of Ultimate Advantage and powerlifting coach for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Why You Should Follow: Rick owns the only certified Westside Barbell and Nike Sparq gym in the country. If you need to add some serious strength, look no further.

9. Nick Winkelman


Bio: Director of Training Systems and Education at EXOS

Why You Should Follow: Nick specializes in working with elite athletes, preparing football players for the NFL Combine and pioneering new ways strength coaches can be more effective.

10. Kevin Barr


Bio: Strength coach for the Tampa Bay Rays and founder of The BBR

Why You Should Follow: Kevin is an elite baseball strength coach who develops training programs appropriate for young baseball players.

11. Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove

Twitter: and

Bio: Owners of Results Fitness

Why You Should Follow: Alwyn and Rachel are pioneering fitness experts and educators.

12. Mark Kovacs


Bio: Performance physiologist and executive director of the International Tennis Performance Association

Why You Should Follow: Mark regularly shares the latest research in the sports science field. He spent time working with the USTA and Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

13. Martin Rooney


Bio: Founder of Training for Warriors

Why You Should Follow: Martin created a progressive system combining strength and high-intensity training for effective and efficient results. And he's a very inspiring guy.

14. Dan John


Bio: Renowned strength coach

Why You Should Follow: Dan provides advice on lifting heavy things safely and effectively.

15. Dr. Stuart McGill


Bio: Renowned spine biomechanist

Why You Should Follow: When you follow Dr. McGill's work, you get previews of methods and techniques that may eventually define aspects of your workouts.

16. Brad Schoenfeld


Bio: Researcher on muscle hypertrophy

Why You Should Follow: Brad's research helps people build muscle faster.

17. Bret Contreras


Bio: Strength coach and researcher

Why You Should Follow: The self-proclaimed Glute Guy, he is one of the best sources for info on how to develop strong and powerful glutes.

18. Dan Trink


Bio: Owner of Trink Fitness and director of training operations at Peak Performance

Why You Should Follow: Dan combines his expertise in strength and conditioning, personal training and sports nutrition to offer a comprehensive approach to fitness.

19. Jim Smith


Bio: Owner of Diesel Strength and Conditioning

Why You Should Follow: Jim works with elite athletes and regularly creates articles that provide insight into his training methods.

20. Mike Robertson


Bio: Co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) and President of Robertson Training Systems

Why You Should Follow: Mike co-owns one of the best gyms in the country, which specializes in training elite athletes and general fitness clients.

21. Ken Vick


Bio: STACK Velocity Sports Performance Director of Performance

Why You Should Follow: Ken specializes in preparing football players for the NFL Combine.

22. Lee Boyce


Bio: Owner of Boyce Training Systems

Why You Should Follow: Lee is a strength coach and prolific writer. He regularly shares his advice on how to get bigger, stronger and faster.

23. Eric Cressey


Bio: Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance

Why You Should Follow: Eric is one of the foremost experts on baseball training and shoulder health.

24. Nick Tumminello


Bio: Owner of the Performance University

Why You Should Follow: Nick is a performance specialist who specializes in improving his clients' overall fitness.

25. Doug Crashley


Bio: Owner of Crash Conditioning

Why You Should Follow: Crash created a mecca for hockey players in the Calgary area, where he works with players of all levels.

26. Tony Bonvechio


Bio: Strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance and owner of Bonvec Strength

Why You Should Follow: Tony is an up and coming strength coach, now with Cressey Sports Performance, who regularly creates great content on strength training and sports performance.

27. Mike T. Nelson


Bio: Exercise physiologist

Why You Should Follow: Mike shares the latest research in the field of sports science.

28. Pete Holman


Bio: Creator of the TRX Rip Trainer, physical therapist and strength coach

Why You Should Follow: Pete is an expert in core training, functional strength and power development.

29. Coach Dos


Bio: Strength coach at the College of the Canyons

Why You Should Follow: Coach Dos is a leader in the field of functional training.

30. Dr. Marcus Elliott


Bio: Founder and director of P3, and a physician specializing in performance enhancement

Why You Should Follow: Dr. Elliott develops cutting-edge performance methodology based on scientific research conducted at P3, which doubles as a training facility and a lab.

31. Doug Balzarini


Bio: Owner of DB Strength

Why You Should Follow: A former trainer with Todd Durkin, Doug is an expert in MMA training who consults with facilities around the world.

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