Under Armour Announces New Lacrosse Equipment Line

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Under Armour recently announced they are planning to release a new line of equipment for lacrosse. Scheduled for launch in November and produced in collaboration with lacrosse manufacturer Vertical Lax, the line will include helmets, gloves, stick heads and handles, shoulder pads and goggles.

While UA has been a strong supporter of lacrosse at the grassroots level—they began selling lacrosse cleats in 2007—their official entry into the lax "hard goods" category is in response to "one of the most common requests we hear from athletes," says Kip Fulks, executive VP of product. "As with all of our product launches, we took the time to do extensive research and development to ensure that we will deliver a distinct advantage in design and performance that was not offered previously by the market."

The new line will feature "Molded Skin," a technology aimed at lowering the gear's weight and improving its flexibility, mobility and dexterity. Women's sticks will have the "Player Flex Pocket," which is easier to break in than traditional heads. LacrossePlayground.com calls it "the most innovative pocket in the game," saying it "maintains its integrity longer and adapts to the ball to create a better hold."

Consistent with Under Armour's original value-add, their new lax protective equipment will also include new moisture-wicking HeatGear apparel.

At the 2011 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship this past weekend, Under Armour was among the brands showcasing their merchandise; and fans were able to test the new equipment. Although lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, it remains a relatively untapped opportunity for big name brands vying for the attention of young athletes.

Source and Photos:  Bizjournals.com, sportsonesource.com, sportsunlimited.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock