Compete in Under Armour's "What's Beautiful" Contest

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Female athletes: here's your chance to show off your competitive side—and to become the face of Under Armour. The brand is hosting a contest, titled What's Beautiful, to find the best female athletes. Dubbed as "a competition to redefine the female athlete," the contest requires entrants to complete 19 UA challenges and document their journeys to completion.

The contest will take place over the course of nine weeks, starting April 23. To compete, first declare a goal for yourself. Then tackle the UA challenges in whatever order you'd like.

To become one of 10 finalists, you will have to upload videos and photos of yourself performing the tasks, as well as your inspirational thoughts and self-feedback.

On June 26, 10 finalists will be announced. According to UA, "These will be the competitors who've documented the most impressive, inspiring, monumental journeys. The final three will be declared the new faces of Under Armour. They will be the women who have gone the farthest, accomplished the most and posted the story to prove it."

All finalists will receive $1,000 worth of Under Armour gear and will join a UA advisory group. The three winners (two chosen by UA, one by popular vote) will "have their lives sponsored by UA" for a year and will become "the new faces of the brand." This means training with UA's celebrity trainers, a consultation with a nutritionist and gear galore.

The competition officially begins April 23. Read details of the contest on

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock