Under Armour's Sport Wireless Headphones Measure Your Heart Rate Through Your Ears

Work out with the tunes you love delivered wirelessly and track your heart rate at the same time.

If a fitness band isn't your thing because it's too bulky, and if wires do nothing but get stuck around door handles and yank the earbuds violently from your ears, Under Armour feels your pain. They feel it so deeply that they created a product that eliminates excess wires and puts everything you want directly inside your ears.

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Partnering with headphone company JBL, Under Armour has dropped Sport Wireless Headphones, bluetooth (a.k.a. wireless) headphones that not only pump tasty beats into your head but measure your heart rate. That's right, built into the headphones is a heart rate monitor that measures your heartbeat by being pressed against your ears. By gently touching your right earbud, you can hear exactly how fast your heart is beating via an audio update.

The headphones also upload your workout data directly to the UA Record app, which allows you to view the metrics of your workout, design your next one and set personal goals so you don't start slacking off when the snow flies. With five hours of battery life and sweat-proof technology to help you avoid having to readjust the earbuds every two minutes, you've really got no excuse not to get after it this winter.

You can purchase your own pair of UA Sport Wireless Headphones for $180 at underarmour.com and JBL.com.

Under Armour Sport Wireless Headphones

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock