University of Oregon Hoopster Commits Worst Flop in Basketball History

Dillon Brooks thought he deserved an Oscar for this flop performance, but the refs voted against him.

Although fans hate it, flopping has become a big part of basketball, not just in the NBA, but at all levels. It might help a player get a foul call, but it only makes fans think less of him. Case in point: the flop during Thursday night's game between the Oregon Ducks and the Utah Utes.

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With eight minutes left in the game at the Jon M. Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, Utes guard Sedrick Barefield attempted to back down Ducks guard Dillon Brooks and Brooks blocked his way to the hoop. He must have known a foul was coming because immediately after the whistle blew, he performed the most obvious flop in basketball history.

Brooks flew backwards and went sliding on his backside to sell a charging call against Barefield. However, he did it after the whistle, and Barefield never touched him. Brooks not only received the foul call, he got massive boos from the crowd.

But despite his egregious flop, Brooks led the Ducks to a 73-67 win with 19 points.

Dillion Brooks

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock