Use Basketball Portable Systems to Improve Your Shot

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As a basketball player, you never want to take a bad shot, but becoming a clutch offensive player takes practice. Yet refining your shooting skills can be difficult, since it's not always possible to have a partner rebound, defend or pass to you.

To be a peak performer, you want to train in realistic game situations. After all, any player can become a great shooter when there's no defender! Improve your game-time skills with portable basketball products that simulate realistic gameplay.

To help you fine-tune your shooting fundamentals, here are two products, plus two sample drills, to get you hitting the mark every time.

Original Profender

Serious basketball players trying to get to the next level are always looking for an edge. The Original Profender is as sharp as it gets, because the product mimics a defender trying to block your shot. The only difference between a real defender and the Profender is that the Profender never gets tired! The tool rises up and gets down, just like a player. You can vary your shot selection and angles based on the height of the outstretched arms. The Profender is versatile, and it forces you to constantly be aware of your posture.


The Original Profender in Action


The Gun 8000

The Gun 8000 is a rebounding machine with programmable features, allowing you to select where you want to take shots and how many shots you want to take at each spot. After every shot, the Gun passes the ball back out to you at game speed. The system can be used by a single  individual or by small groups of players.

By combining these two systems, you can work all aspects of your training and your game. Here are a few drills you can use to work on the overall development of your basketball skills, speed, agility and quickness.

The Gun 8000

The Gun 8000 in Action

Drill 1

This drill requires three players. Set up two different positions on The Gun 8000 and have Players 1 and 2, the shooters, alternate between them. Player 3 works the Profender, blocking the rim. Player 1 shoots, sprints to half court, jump turns and sprints to the next spot. The Gun 8000 passes him another ball, and he proceeds with the next shot. Player 2 follows in the same path. The three players switch positions after a specified number of rotations until everyone has had equal time under the gun.

This is a great drill because it works at real game speed on timing, footwork and shooting positions.

Drill 2

This drill also requires three players. Specify two spots on the floor for shooting positions. Player 1 is the shooter, Player 2 the passer and Player 3 controls the Profender. The Gun 8000 passes to Player 2,  who is set up on the opposite side of the court from Player 1. Player 2 throws a skip pass to Player 1 cutting or moving, as Player 3 closes out with the Profender. Again, alternate spots until everyone has played every position. This great drill teaches passers how to skip pass and shooters how to shoot when a close-out defender is running at them.

Additional drills using the Gun 8000 and the Profender are limited only by your imagination and creativity. You get what you train for, so if you train half speed, you'll play half speed. Train game speed, play game speed. It really is that simple.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock