UW Quarterback Jake Browning Had to Do 500 Push-Ups After He Taunted Oregon During Their 70-21 Beatdown

U of Washington quarterback Jake Browning did a bit of taunting during his team's 70-21 beatdown of Oregon. His coach made him do 500 Push-Ups as a punishment.

The University of Washington is a scary football team right now. They're currently ranked fifth in the nation, and sophomore quarterback Jake Browning is a big reason why.

Through six games, Browning leads the country in passing touchdowns (23) and QB rating (204.9). He's also third in the nation in completion percentage at 72.2% and has tossed just two interceptions. In UW's most recent game, Browning orchestrated a 70-21 beatdown of Oregon. That was a pretty big deal, since the Ducks entered the contest riding a 12-game win streak against the Huskies.

On the game's first score, Browning crossed the goal line on a 1-yard touchdown run and pointed directly at Oregon linebacker Jimmie Swain. Pictures of the celebration set social media ablaze, as Husky fans embraced Browning's gesture:

The point drew a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, but Browning's teammates loved it. ""Everyone loved that," junior receiver Dante Pettis told The News Tribune. "You've got Jake Browning, quarterback from Folsom, California, with a little bit to him. He's not just one of those quarterbacks that will sit back and let things happen. He's showing that, OK, we're really here. This isn't just hype. We've really got something going now."

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However, UW's head coach, Chris Petersen, did not feel the same way. In fact, Petersen punished Browning for the point. His sentence? Five-Hundred Push-Ups at practice. Many of Browning's teammates offered to pitch in some Push-Ups to get the total down, but Petersen wouldn't allow it.

"I think my teammates kind of liked it," Browning said ."But Coach Pete and all the coaches did not. Just did my punishment, and that was it."

If Browning's sleeves look a little tighter the next time he hits the field, you'll know why.

Jake Browning

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