Stan Lee Creates "Verticus" for Tablet Gamers

Learn about Stan Lee's exciting new Verticus tablet video game at STACK Gamer.


Stan Lee—Marvel founder and creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and almost every other cool comic book superhero—will enter portable gaming this fall with his first video game for tablet and smart phone users.

The Marvel mastermind has partnered with mobile producer Moonshark to develop Verticus. The game will not feature Spider-Man, Iron Man or any other Marvel hero; instead, it will be based on an alien adventure on earth.

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Verticus, the hero of  the video game, battles an evil alien race attempting to destroy earth. Gamers wear a special suit and maneuver Verticus through different atmospheric layers to the center of the planet.

In addition to creating the concept for Verticus, developing the characters and writing the game's script, the 89-year-old Lee is the voice of the game's commander, the character who instructs Verticus on his mission. It is a common practice for Lee to make appearances in his projects. He appears in Marvel movies like The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor.

Moonshark will release Verticus this fall for smart phone and tablet gameplay.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock