Video Proof That Edwin Encarnacion Is an Unlikely Workout Beast

He may not look it, but the Cleveland Indians' newly acquired slugger is a beast in the gym.

Let's be honest: Edwin Encarnacion's build doesn't exactly scream "workout warrior." No doubt the 6-foot-1, 230-pound slugger is a mountain of strength, but his body features a little bit of what the kids call a beer belly, easily visible underneath a plain t-shirt. You don't need to be in the greatest of shape to succeed in baseball (C.C. Sabathia, anyone?), but Encarnacion's appearance is a bit deceiving.

Don't get it twisted. The guy looks strong. One glance at his arms is more than enough to understand how he hits baseballs to the moon and back. But compared to a guy like Mike Trout? You'd be hard pressed to compare the two, body-wise. That is until you take a trip over to his Instagram account and discover a man with a relentless motor to put in work in the gym.

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Encarnacion's account is replete with videos of various workouts, from running around in the sand in his native Dominican Republic to boxing and battle rope workouts on the basketball court. None of it is new for Encarnacion, either. Scroll back far enough and you'll find the the man who smacked at least 34 home runs in each of the past five seasons going hard last off-season, doing things like battle ropes while balancing on a BOSU ball or planking using an exercise ball while his trainer slaps each side of it.

Go back even further, and you'll find our man doing tire flips in the middle of the outfield.

So don't be fooled by Encarcion's appearance. He's clearly one of the hardest working players in the major leagues, and even at age 34, he's showing zero signs of slowing down.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock