View with Your Crew: Classic Sports Movies

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
With flicks like Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, this holiday movie season promises to pump plenty of adrenaline. But with pricy sodas, popcorn and ticket prices, a night at the movies for two can easily top $50.

Instead of blowing half a hundred at a crowded movie theater, you could spend the same amount and get a collection of classic sports movies—all guaranteed to please. Don't believe us? Here are 10 movies, together with their current prices on

1. Hockey: Slap Shot ( 1977), $7.86
This comedy, starring Paul Newman, revolves around the antics of a minor league hockey team in an economically-depressed, blue collar town.

2. Football: Brian's Song (2002), $9.96
A remake of a 1971 classic, this drama tells the tale of two football players who develop an unlikely friendship. Fair warning: this one's a tearjerker.

3. College Football: Rudy (1993), $7.50
This inspirational true story highlights the value of hard work by following the journey of a young athlete who pursues his dream of playing football for Notre Dame.

4. Minor League Baseball: Bull Durham (1988), $7.50
In this comedy, Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon play a minor league ball player and a serial groupie who find love by discovering who they really are.

5. Surfing: Soul Surfer (2010), $10
This biopic tells the story of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who loses her arm in a shark attack, then fights to overcome her disability and continue in the sport she loves.

6. High School Basketball: Hoosiers (1986), $9
A shady coach (Gene Hackman) and his alcoholic trainer (Dennis Hopper) turn a small town high school basketball team into championship contenders in this classic sports flick.

7. Baseball: Major League (1989), $7.50
An all-star ensemble cast portrays an awful Cleveland Indians squad, one designed to lose by an owner who wants to move the team. Hilarity ensues when the team uncovers the plot and step up their game to chase a pennant.

8. Horse Racing: Seabiscuit (2003), $5
Get a glimpse into the mid-20th Century world of horse racing in this biopic about an overlooked thoroughbred, his trainer and the inspiration he provided to Americans during the Great Depression.

9. Billiards: The Color of Money (1986), $5
Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning film about a pool hustler (Paul Newman), who teaches his cocky protégé (Tom Cruise) everything he knows.

10. Little League Baseball: The Bad News Bears (1976), $5
Walter Matthau plays a washed-up minor league coach who turns a team of misfits into little league champions in this hilarious comedy, which stars Tatum O'Neal as his prized player.

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