View With Your Crew: Cool Runnings

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In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, this flick, based on actual events, is sure to have you laughing and rooting for the underdogs throughout the remaining events in Vancouver.

Cool Runnings [Disney]
Release Date: 1993
Starring: Leon Robinson, Doug E. Doug and John Candy
Rated: PG

Derice Bannock (Robinson), one of the fastest sprinters in Jamaica, was selected to represent his country in the summer games. But during a qualifying race, another runner tripped him, and Derice saw his Olympic dreams slip away, as he failed to earn a spot on the team.

Luckily for Derice, the '88 Winter Olympics, in Calgary, Alberta, were just a few months away. Although he'd never seen snow, Derice was willing to do whatever it took to represent his country, even if it required driving a four-man bobsled down a mountain. With help from his best friend Sanka Coffie (Doug), he formed a team and asked two-time Olympic gold medalist Irv Blitzer (Candy) to teach them how to sled and to guide them to qualifying contention.

When the team finally arrived in Calgary, they realized that they had become the joke of every country competing in the games. With only a few weeks of training left, the Jamaicans trained hard to gain the respect of competitors and to prove to the world that they could compete at the highest level.

STACK's Take: Not the most fantastic sports film ever, but many moments will bring a smile to your face. It's a true underdog story, revealing how four unlikely athletes defy the odds, overcome humiliation and come to embody the true meaning of the Olympics. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Disney film without a heart-touching scene at the end. Although the Jamaicans didn't win gold, they finished the race with pride and became heroes in their country.

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