View With Your Crew: "Crooked Arrows"

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Lacrosse fans, rejoice. The release of Crooked Arrows marks the first mainstream movie about the sport of lacrosse.

Crooked Arrows is the story of how a Native American reservation's high school lacrosse team ends up in a prep school league tournament. The sport itself has Native American roots, so it is only fitting that Crooked Arrows depicts their team as the underdog of the story.

The team's coach, Joe Logan, played by Brandon Routh (of Superman Returns) is part Native American. A local "sellout," Logan has decided to return home to his reservation, and he's eager to modernize his hometown. But first, he must help his lax team learn the meaning of pride and inspire them to fight for victory.

Check out the trailer for Crooked Arrows (releasing in select theaters May 18, nationwide on June 1) below and go to to learn more.

Source:  Lacrosse Playground

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock