View With Your Crew: More Than a Game

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STACK recommends this film to any team looking to strengthen their bonds.

More Than a Game [Lionsgate]

Release Date: Feb. 2
Starring: LeBron James, Sian Cotton, Dru Joyce III, Willie McGee, Romeo Travis and Dru Joyce II
Rated: PG

More Than a Game is not a highlight reel of King James' career. It's a documentary that chronicles the unique struggles and achievements that turned young LeBron and his close friends and teammates into successful professional men.

The action starts in a small gym in Akron, Ohio, where five friends (LeBron, Sian, Willie, Romeo and Dru III) begin to bond around their love for basketball. They play together in grade school and on a small AAU team, but they're not taken seriously until they make the jump to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, where they are coached by Dru Joyce II. Then, the whole nation begins to take notice of the "Fab Five."

Though LeBron is the main attraction, his teammates takes back seats to no one, and the real star of the film is Coach Dru. Sportswriters and broadcasters across the U.S. hail the Fighting Irish as the best high school basketball team of all time, and they seem destined to become national champs. But, their newfound fame puts a bug in their chemistry, and during their junior season, they struggle on the court and fall short. Senior year, the guys bounce back, re-dedicate themselves to each other and accomplish their ultimate goal.

STACK's Take: If Hollywood puts out a documentary about your high school career, you know you're a world icon. This film is not just about LeBron, though. Its true focus is the Fab Five—and the bonds they formed, which remain strong to this day. Director Kris Belman followed the guys with his video camera from an early age, and the film contains some great footage of young LeBron doing his thing—dunking, making sick passes and sinking long fadeaway jump shots.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock