View with Your Crew: The A-Team

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"Anything you can do, we can do bigger" is the A-Team mantra. [Not a bad team slogan, right?] And now's your perfect opportunity to check out a cinematic version of The A-Team, being released today, Dec. 14, on DVD.

The 2010 release, based the popular '80s TV show, follows four fierce Iraq War veterans—B.A., FACE, Murdock and Hannibal—on a quest to clear their names for a crime they've been falsely accused of committing. You can now grab the extended cut of this flick to view with your crew for action and some serious team motivation.

Assemble your A-Team, buy the DVD or take the quiz to find out what member of the A-Team you most resemble. How you handle yourselves in a rough spot may reveal insight about your ability to cope and react in a game situation.

The A-Team is available for purchase on

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock