View With Your Crew: The Street Stops Here

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If you liked the documentary about LeBron James' high school basketball team, St. Vincent-St. Mary, wait until you check out this film, airing on PBS this week. Believe me, it's definitely about "more than a game."

The Street Stops Here (PBS)
Air Date: March 31 at 10 p.m. EST
Starring: Bob Hurley Sr. and the St. Anthony High School Friars' 07-08 basketball team

This one-night-only, nationwide broadcast follows the lives of five young men and legendary coach, Bob Hurley Sr., who demands more than excellence and has the credentials to prove it: 25 state championships, three national championships, two Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame nominations, and all but two players in 35 years moving on to college. If you were to ask Hurley which stat is most important, he'd definitely say the last.

The Street Stops Here documents the lives of five teenagers trying to win a state championship. It also features a man trying to change his surrounding community. Coach Hurley may be harsh at times, but it's because he's preparing his athletes for the reality that life will throw at them after they step off the court. Coach Hurley not only leads the basketball team; he also serves as head volunteer for the school's fundraising efforts. He even sweeps the court before games to make sure it's done right.

If you think a basketball powerhouse like St. Anthony (Jersey City, NJ) has top-of-the-line equipment and facilities, think again. St. Anthony High School is actually struggling to survive and must rent out a local Y to host their home games. This documentary reveals the truth—that its high performing hoops team offers the school its best chance to raise enough funds to continue operating.

If you happen to miss the airing, you can still check it out on DVD.

STACK's Take: If there's a coach out there who's tougher and more demanding than head coach Bob Hurley Sr., I sure wouldn't want to meet him. Winning is only a small portion of what Coach Hurley is trying to teach his players. Dealing with adversity, having good character and sacrificing everything for the good of the school are just as prominent in his coaching.

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