View With Your Crew: To Save A Life

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This movie of the week tackles an issue far more serious than most big screen high school flicks typically deal with.

To Save a Life [Samuel Goldwyn Films]
Release Date: Jan 22 in selected theaters
Starring: Randy Wayne, Robert Bailey Jr., Sean Michael Afable, Deja Kreutzberg and Joshua Weigel
Rated: PG-13

Jake Taylor (Wayne) is the king of his high school. He's got it all. The star PG of the basketball team, he has plenty of friends, fame, girls and an athletic scholarship. Meanwhile, Roger Dawson (Bailey Jr.) has no friends and wanders the hallways, pushed aside by everyone. He has no hope that his life will ever improve.

Jake and Roger were best friends growing up, but once they entered high school, the politics of popularity ruled, and they quickly grew apart. Roger finally feels he has nothing to live for and takes his own life in the middle of the school hallway, in the presence of Jake and other students.

Jake had tried to talk Roger out of it, but his last-ditch effort was not enough, and Jake feels responsible for his old friend's death. Questioning his priorities, he asks himself, "What do I want my life to be about?" Jake ultimately throws away his social status and begins searching for other school outcasts who might need his friendship and support.

STACK's Take: To Save a Life addresses challenges faced by most high school students—fitting in, setting priorities, weighing the importance of popularity—and a serious issue (fortunately) faced by few—dealing with the suicide of a classmate. Witnessing such a tragic event can change the way a person views the world. This film reveals that truth in a powerful fashion.

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