"The Walking Dead" Deluxe TV Game Review: Not Perfect for Show's Fans

STACK Gaming Expert Alan Danzis reviews "The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Game."

If you've recently checked out the pending release, Rock Band Blitz, you probably noticed that plastic guitars are long gone. Peripheral-based video games just aren't what they used to be. In the constantly evolving gaming market, technology is always improving.

But fans of this style of play don't have to worry quite yet. JAKKS Pacific, under the umbrella of Plug It In & Play TV Games, has been designing a game line-up that promises to work like their name suggests: plug a plastic peripheral into your TV and, voilà! Play away. No videogame consoles or software needed.

The latest edition, The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Game, is scheduled to come out soon. Based on the popular TV comedy, The Walking Dead, the Deluxe TV Game comes with a plastic shotgun peripheral that stores the entire game inside.

Just as advertised, the game starts instantly when you turn it on. You can play a short single player campaign, which lasts no longer than an hour. Or go into horde mode and a Free Play option. The game saves if you quit early so you don't lose your place.

Similar to how the Wii works, you need to place a plastic light sensor above your TV to turn it on. Both the light sensor and plastic shotgun require batteries to operate, but once turned on, the game accurately tracks your movements with the gun.

However, aside from the gun's accuracy and the game's ease of entry, it's unfortunate how not fun it is.

The graphics are subpar and the game details are inaccurate. For starters, The Walking Dead isn't known for killing lots and lots of zombies. The show's real evil is what the apocalypse does to humanity. That aside, the game also gets incredibly repetitive. You'll be surprised how many zombie men in dark green suits without arms are walking around  Atlanta, Georgia.

Although the peripheral is a shotgun, you can pick up a crossbow, a machine gun and other weapons later on, and they all have their own pluses and minuses. For instance, the crossbow usually takes zombies down in one shot, but requires a reload after every shot.

You can set the game to automatic reload by putting yourself in god mode. Or choose to manually reload by pumping the plastic peripheral. The latter makes the game harder and in my opinion more fun.

Rated safe for 8+, but gameplay is rated Teen. It will retail for $39.99 when it comes out.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock