'Warcraft' Movie Hard to Make, Admits Legendary Pictures CEO

The CEO of Legendary Pictures recently spoke about why the "Warcraft" movie is taking so long to make. Learn more at STACK Gamer.

Warcraft Movie

The movie adaptation for Blizzard's Warcraft has been in the works since 2006, and we still don't know much about the plot or when we'll see it in theaters. During a recent interview with SlashFilm, Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull admitted that the studio is having difficulty translating the game into a film that will satisfy fans.

"It's that we don't know how to make a movie out of Warcraft, the video game," said Tull. "It's the incredible story, the war, and these races, and everything these guys at Blizzard have come up with. They have 100 books, and just this incredibly rich world that they've created."

Tull also acknowledged that most of the time, studios just latch onto video game adaptation projects because of their built-in fan base without putting much effort in making a high quality product. He said, "A lot of times, studios have said, 'How many people play that game? OK, then that means they'll probably all go out and buy tickets.' That is an incredibly poor way to make a movie."

Sam Raimi was initially attached to the film and even worked with Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) on the script. But ultimately a disagreement with Blizzard Entertainment led to his walking away from the project. Now, director Duncan Jones (Source Code) is helming the project. Jones expects to begin filming next year with a budget north of $100 million and to have the film in theaters by 2016. Details regarding casting and the plot are still under wraps.

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