Warner Brothers Picks Up 'The Infinite Horizon' Graphic Novel

Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to Image Comics' graphic novel series, The Infinite Horizon.'

The graphic novel series The Infinite Horizon has been picked up by Warner Brothers in a deal that includes the rights to the miniseries from Image Comics as well as a script written by Hercules writer Ryan Condal, who will also executive produce. One of the biggest things the package has in its favor is that Greg Berlanti (The Flash and Arrow) is on board to produce.

The six-issue comic book miniseries tells the futuristic military story of a soldier without a name, simply referred to as "The Captain," who survived years of war in the Middle East only to end up stranded halfway around the world at the end of the conflict. He must battle his way through a virtual hell to make his way home, leading a group of abandoned soldiers on a journey that takes 10 years to complete.

Reminiscent of Homer's The Odyssey, this epic trip is lengthy, eventful and filled with misadventures. The soldier must contend with shipwrecks, an adversary dressed in Cyclops-like battle armor, and the alluring but dangerous call of the Sirens.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock