Introducing the Warrior Prequel

The Warrior Prequel is a training shoe for athletes who want a light feel, strong breathability and a reinforced heel counter for stability. Learn more at

Warrior Prequel

The Warrior Prequel is a running shoe that harkens back to the days when athletes' goals were simple and straightforward: move fast, feel light, and win games. So when designing the Prequel, the guys at Warrior stuck to the basics and created a shoe that any athlete can wear. The flozone foot cradle can adapt to any style of running and the Prequel's small and lightweight tongue, almost nonexistent, allow the forefoot to move freely when you run, without distraction or irritation.

The shoe feels ultra light on your foot, and mesh panels on both sides allow for strong breathability to keep your foot from feeling stuffy. Throw in a reinforced heel counter that stabilizes your foot, and the Prequel, powered by New Balance, is a great running shoe for any sport. Sharp colorway options and futuristic aesthetics don't hurt either.

You can pick up the Warrior Prequel for $109 at


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock