Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin Has the Worst Golf Swing You'll Ever See

Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin should definitely stick to hockey.

Alex Ovechkin on the Tee

Washington Capitals superstar winger Alex Ovechkin is one of the best scorers in the NHL, but he's not a golfer. You would think that his hockey swing would translate to the golf course, but no. Not even close.

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The 5-time NHL All-Star was playing golf Thursday with a couple of teammates, when one of them took a video of him swinging his driver. It's by far the worst golf swing we've ever seen. On his first attempt to hit the ball, Ovi straight up misses everything. On his second attempt, he takes out a large chunk of grass way in front of the ball. It's OK though, because Ovechkin declares those hacks as practice swings.

On his third swing, Ovechkin finally makes contact, hitting the ball as far as his horrible form allows. And of course, he celebrates.

Let's hope Ovi sticks to embarrassing defenders in the NHL—he's a lot better at that.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock