Washington Nationals 2B Daniel Murphy's Upper Body Workout

Murphy is on a tear in 2016, leading the entire MLB with a .384 batting average. Here's a glimpse at the training that got him there.

The Washington Nationals are first in the National League East with a 34-23 record, but right fielder Bryce Harper is not who's leading the charge. Second baseman Daniel Murphy is the team's most powerful force at the plate right now, leading the Nationals in RBI's with 37 and doubles with 15. The 31-year old's most impressive stat, however, is his .384 batting average, which leads the entire MLB.

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When players start off hot, their batting averages normally level out by this time in the season. Thus far, Murphy has refused to fade. This past off-season, STACK got an inside look at the training he did that's helping him swing the bat so well.

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Murphy trains with Jerrian Sanders at SET Performance in Jacksonville, Florida. For this workout, Murphy does an upper-body baseball strength circuit. He performs Dumbbell Bench Holds and Dumbbell Incline Presses to improve his upper-body strength. Murphy then performs Band Pulls to keep his core stable. These exercises help transfer the stored energy and explosion from his body to his bat.

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The power Murphy developed during the off-season has shown up at the plate. The 2015 NLCS MVP has three home runs in the last six games.

Daniel Murphy

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