Inside Look: Washington Redskins 1937 Leather Helmet Throwbacks

Get a look at the Washington Redskins 1937 "anniversary" throwback uniforms.

Redskins Throwback Jersey

When Nike took over the license for the NFL's uniforms, some thought that some of the league's most iconic teams would see dramatic design changes. So far, that hasn't proven to be the case (the Seattle Seahawks uniform notwithstanding). Nike's influence has been mostly expressed in the uniform material itself, not team design.

It's easy to do limited-edition uniforms wrong. These Nike Redskins throwbacks are how you do them right. Such "anniversary" uniforms are a nod to the 1937 team, and the helmet is a modern interpretation of the leather helmets that players used to wear in the decades before terms like "defenseless receivers" were created.

These uniforms just work. Instead of forcing a new design on an old look, these simple throwbacks are among the best looks for a football team so far this season. The patch on the shoulder was worn by the team way back when, but the best subtle detail has to be the words "Team, Effort, Tradition" sewn into the jersey neckline.

Get a closer look at the Skins throwbacks below. Are these the best limited-edition football uniform so far this season? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

Redskins Jersey Back

Redskins Jersey Shoulder

Redskins Jersey Patch

Redskins Jersey Collar

Source: Nike

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock