Washington WR John Ross Runs a 4.22 40-Yard Dash, Officially Breaks NFL Combine Record

Chris Johnson's record, set in 2008, is no more.

Move to the side, Chris Johnson. We've officially got a new 40-Yard Dash champion.

Washington wide receiver John Ross, who was widely considered the fastest dude in the entire 2017 NFL Draft, ran a blistering 4.22 40 in his first and only attempt on Saturday afternoon, knocking off Johnson's record of 4.24, set back in 2008.

Ross, who told the NFL Network that he was dealing with cramps in his legs before he ran, pulled up lame after setting the record, proving that he wasn't lying. Who knows what he would've run had he been properly hydrated or been able to run his second attempt.

Oddly enough, Ross opted not to wear the adidas 5-Star 40 cleat, which would have won him his own private island. Instead, Ross rocked the Nike Vapor 4.2, and after breaking the record, he was immediately signed by the Swoosh, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

Ross is expected to be one of the first wide receivers taken in the 2017 NFL Draft (it's really a tossup between him and Clemson's Mike Williams); and despite being unable to go through other wide receiver drills because of the cramps, Ross solidified himself as one of the most talented dudes in this entire class in just 4.22 seconds.

We got a glimpse of Ross's talent when we spent time with him as he worked out at Athletic Republic ahead of his performance today at the NFL Combine, and his speed and immaculate footwork were evident then, too.

Congratulations to John Ross, who not only broke a nine-year-old record but can officially call himself the fastest man in all of the NFL.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock