WATCH: 22 Pro Athletes Playing Sports Other Than the Ones They Get Paid For

Watch these pro athletes show off their skills in sports other than the ones for which they are best known.

Professional athletes make millions of dollars to play one sport, but that doesn't mean they can't return to a different sport that they love or try something new every once in a while on the side.

Below are videos of 22 pro athletes playing a sport other than the one they are currently being paid for.

Brett Lawrie training for wide receiver

Caption: love doin passes like this !! agility run combo #1HandGrab'ish / everyone have positive day #Work

Usain Bolt playing footvolley

Manny Pacquiao playing pro basketball in the Philippines

Carmelo Anthony practicing with Real Madrid FC

Tuukka Rask cross training with tennis

Chad Ochocinco playing soccer as a reserve in the MLS

Orie Lemon practicing his dunk

Dante Exum could be an NFL kicker

Phil Taylor playing tennis with a giant racket

Travis Beckum can alley-oop to himself

Klay Thompson dabbles in wiffle ball

Kendall Marshall practicing his ball handling on the ground

Mason Plumlee has footy skills too

LeBron James and Kevin Durant playing flag football

Charlie Villaneuva can bring in runs

Cliff Avril boxing

Colin Kaepernick knows baseball

Johnny Manziel wants you to know that dunking is "slight work"

Golden Tate getting the hang of foot golf on the 10th hole

Blake Griffin and the Clippers playing flag football

Blake Griffin training for the ping-pong Olympics?

Dee Gordon going through quarterback motions


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock