WATCH: 315-Pound Notre Dame Football Commit Attempts to Eat 3 Pounds of Burger and Fries in 30 Minutes

Can a 315-pound offensive lineman down 3 pounds of burger and fries in 30 minutes? Watch and find out.

2-Pound Burger and 1 Pound of Fries

Notre Dame offensive line commit Dillan Gibbons is a very big boy. He stands 6-foot-6 and weighs 315 pounds. The first thing you might think of when you hear about his size is how lining up across from him would be a nightmare. But just think about feeding him. A player of his size must be able to consume a lot of food, and of course, Gibbons can.

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Gibbons went to EATS! American Grill in Tampa with Stephen Nelson of Bleacher Report to find out if he could meet The EATS! Burger Challenge. To win the challenge, you must eat a 10-inch high, two-pound burger and one pound of fries in 30 minutes. As if that were not enough food, Gibbons pulls out a bottle of A1 steak sauce to spice things up.

Just thinking about all that food has me feeling full, but if you're ever in Tampa and feeling hungry, give it a try. The meal costs $30, but if you succeed, EATS pays for it and gives you a shirt. Check out the video below to see if Gibbons completed the challenge.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock