WATCH: 5-Foot-5 High School Guard Throws Down Monstrous Dunk Over Two Large Defenders

Watch a 5-foot-5 high schooler jam over two taller defenders! It was a 10!

WATCH: 5-Foot-5 High School Guard Slams On Two Defenders

Hoops fans rate dunks by degree of difficulty: the more difficult the dunk, the higher the rating. If a short guy executes the same dunk as a taller guy, he will most likely get a higher score.

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That scenario played out for Melvin Lee, a guard for Riverside University High School in Milwaukee. Lee's dunk was nothing special style-wise, but the fact that Lee is only 5-foot-5, and that he jammed it over two taller defenders made it spectacular.

Check out Lee's amazing slam in the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock