Watch 5-Foot-9 Isaiah Thomas Throw Down a Ferocious Windmill Dunk

Despite being well under 6-feet, Isaiah Thomas has the explosion and jumping ability to throw down epic dunks.

As long as he's been in the NBA, it's hard to recall an instance of Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas throwing down an in-game dunk. This is largely due to the diminutive star standing just 5-foot-9, making him as much as a foot shorter than the game's highest-flying dunkers. However, Thomas also happens to be one of the most explosive athletes in all pro sports.

If you look back at his pre-NBA record, Thomas is quite a capable dunker. The former Washington Husky famously won a college dunk contest against his teammates when he leapt over a much taller player to jam one home. It's pretty incredible.

Thomas also dunked in a game while a member of the Huskies. It's abundantly clear that he possesses the hops to soar above the rim. There's video evidence of Thomas dunking in the lay-up line during warmups in the NBA, but the latest video posted to Thomas's Instagram account blows anything he's previously done out of the water.

Thomas throws the ball up to himself, then effortlessly elevates himself into the air after catching the basketball for a textbook left-handed windmill slam. That probably would've won the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and that's no joke. A lot of people have told Thomas that he can't do something during his basketball career. You can remove "dunk" from that list for good.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock