WATCH: 50-Year-Old Guy Sets World Record for Push-Ups in One Hour

How many Push-Ups can you do in an hour? Not as many as this guy!

If you're in moderately good shape and someone asks if you can do more Push-Ups than a 50-year-old man, you probably say, "no problem." Well, there's one 50-year-old you wouldn't be able to beat—Carlton Williams. He just set a new world record for most Push-Ups in one hour. To do so, he had to beat the previous record of 1,874 Push-Ups, which of course he set himself. This time, Williams did a whopping 2,220 Push-Ups. It's incredible that he can keep the same pace throughout and not even look tired.

The first video below breaks down the record with Guinness World Record Spotlight. The second video records the full hour and every single Push-Up performed by Williams.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock