Watch 67-Year-Old Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Deadlift 400 Pounds

The Nature Boy showed off an incredible Deadlift on Twitter.

Professional wrestling legend Ric Flair is off to a strong start to the New Year. Many people may have already broken their New Year's resolution, but the 16-time World Champion was at the gym Wednesday, moving some serious weight.

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The Nature Boy showed off an incredible Deadlift on Twitter, with the caption reading, "I. Will. Never. Retire." Any weight would have been acceptable for a 67-year-old man, but the 6-foot-1, 243-pound legend decided to lift what appears to be 400 pounds.



Woooo! That's a lot of weight. The Deadlift increases lower-back and leg strength, which means his Figure-Four Leglock signature move could still be effective.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock