Watch 7-Foot Dirk Nowitzki Get Rim-Stuffed, Then Joke About It On Twitter

Watch a post-whistle dunk attempt by Dallas Mavericks franchise player Dirk Nowitzki get blocked by the rim.

Watch 7-Foot Dirk Nowitzki Get Rim Stuffed, Then Joke About It On Twitter

Dallas Maverick big man Dirk Nowitzki is known for many things, but dunking is not one of them. He can still grab boards and hit his leaning fadeaway, but you won't see him driving down the lane and finishing with a slam. This is most likely because he is 37, which is old in basketball years.

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The other night in a game against the Sacramento Kings, after a goaltending call, Nowitzki attempted to dunk the ball and got rim-stuffed pretty badly. It would have been understandable if he were not 7 feet tall and didn't have to jump to dunk.

Nowitzki later joked about the play on Twitter after he was asked if he can jump over a phone book. He replied with this:


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