WATCH: 78-Year-Old Woman Deadlifts 225 Pounds Like a Champ

This grandmother is a powerlifting champion.

Shirley Webb

Meet Shirley Webb, a grandmother, proud senior citizen and powerlifting champion from East Alton, Illinois. Oh, she also happens to be 78 years old. In the video below, Webb can be seen casually deadlifting 225 pounds three times—which is shocking in itself until you learn it was not a one-time thing done so her grandkids could show their grandma stunting on Instagram.

Webb became a fitness buff in her late 70s. A woman who was once afraid to get down on the floor to work out—because "I would not be able to get back up"—joined a gym in 2014 to improve her health and quickly discovered a passion for powerlifting. She got so good at it that in 2015, she entered the Missouri State Powerlifting and Midwest Open in St. Louis, and her 215-pound Deadlift earned her first place in her division.

In a Facebook comment, her son Ed said his mother's personal best was a 245-pound Deadlift, and that she can also hit a Leg Press of over 300 pounds. Retirement is overrated.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock