WATCH: 8th Grade Baseball Player Celebrates Home Run With Bat Flip and Running Man Challenge Dance

Watch this young baseball player toss his bat sky high after hitting a home run and do the Running Man Challenge on his way to first base.

Logan Hall

Some baseball fans think a bat flip is a fun way to celebrate a home run and is a part of today's game. Others find the celebration disrespectful to the game and to the opposing team. If you are in the latter camp, we advise you not to  continue reading this article.

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Bethlehem Lutheran School (Kennewick, Washington) baseball player Logan Hall not only hit a home run in the last game of his season, he quite possibly pulled off the best celebration the baseball world has ever seen. After going yard, the eighth grader proceeded to throw his bat high in the air, point at the crowd and then hit the Running Man Challenge on his way to first base.

Talk about making baseball fun again. We understand that young Mr. Hall wanted to have  fun in his final game as a middle schooler, but we also think his actions were risky: pitchers might be coming after him for years to come.

Watch the amazing moves below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock